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Pilates Cork Roller

Pilates Cork Roller

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The cork roller is dense and firm to provide a safe and effective deep tissue style massage as you roll, to soothe sore muscles and increase circulation.

In addition, the cork roller’s natural antimicrobial properties ensure its cleanliness even after a sweatier workout or yoga flow. Our Cork Roller is the ideal accessory to compliment your wellness routine.

A Pilates roller, also known as a foam roller or a Pilates foam roller, is a cylindrical tool used in Pilates and other fitness practices for various exercises and self-myofascial release.

A Pilates roller is a versatile tool that can enhance your Pilates practice, offering benefits for flexibility, core strength, balance, and myofascial release.

Whether you're using it for targeted muscle work or incorporating it into Pilates exercises, the roller is a valuable accessory for promoting overall body awareness and well-being.

As with any fitness tool, proper technique, gradual progression, and individual considerations should be taken into account for a safe and effective experience.


Yoga and Pilates Props

When incorporating accessories into yoga or pilates, it is essential to choose items that match your level of practice and goals.

Beginners in yoga or Pilates may benefit from props that provide support, while advanced practitioners may explore props to enhance and deepen their practice.

Always use accessories with care, and if you are new to using them, consider seeking instruction from a qualified instructor to ensure proper use and technique.

Online Pilates Classes


Tablet? Phone? Desktop? No problem. You can easily login and take class on any device at a time that fits your schedule.

Yoga and Pilates can be practiced with minimal equipment, making it accessible for people to do at home or in various settings.

Whether young or old, Yoga and Pilates can be adapted for individuals of all ages.